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MEA Accomplishments

MEA is your union.  Together we stand united in representing the interests of teachers, paraprofessionals and the students we serve.

Did you know?


  • MEA successfully negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the referendum on the 1 mil, securing how teachers’ and paraprofessionals’ working conditions will be impacted and specifically how funds generated will enhance salaries prior to the March 2018 referendum vote. 
  • MEA fought for level movement of 4 levels for those on the grandfathered salary schedule, 4 levels/3 levels for those rated highly effective/effective on the performance pay schedule, enhancement of both teacher salary schedules ($200 added to each level) instead of accepting one-time bonuses, and longevity pay for those who qualify for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • MEA also fought for movement of 2 steps on the paraprofessional salary schedules and enhancement of the paraprofessional salary schedules ($0.15/hour added to each step) instead of accepting one-time bonuses for the 2017-2018 school year. 
  • MEA negotiated no premium increases, reduced emergency room copays and a December 2017 “premium holiday” for teachers and paras participating in the district’s health insurance program.
  • MEA preserved the teacher contract by maintaining teachers’ control of their time on Record Day (no meetings scheduled by administration)
  • MEA improved teacher and para contracts by returning to language that provides 100% sick leave upon normal retirement for those who have 26-30 years in the district and a sliding scale for fewer years. 
  • MEA successfully preserved health insurance benefits for terminally ill employees or employees with terminally ill family members. 
  • MEA filed a grievance on behalf of all teachers regarding the inability of teachers to access data related to their student learning growth scores.
  • With the support of MEA, the law firm of Morgan and Morgan filed a lawsuit on behalf of members related to the W2 data breach in which all district employees’ personal information was disclosed.
  • MEA investigated concerns regarding student learning growth scores and found that not all ACT/SAT retakes had been factored into some teachers’ scores.  As a result, management recalculated the scores positively changing over 100 teachers’ student learning growth scores. 
  • MEA successfully defended members facing allegations of child abuse within the district and at the Florida Department of Education
  • MEA works with management to correct pay for many individual teacher and para members
  • MEA is in contact with the district administration on a daily basis to resolve issues and problems for its members
  • MEA provides assistance to members with concerns on their evaluations, including understanding the process, writing a rebuttal and meeting with their administrators
  • MEA provides an avenue for new and experienced teachers who may want mentoring or intervention
  • MEA/Management committee works together to ensure a safe working environment for all teachers and paraprofessionals and a safe learning environment for students
  • MEA/District Paperwork Reduction Committee edits, approves and eliminates district forms and addresses school-based forms that are appealed. 
  • MEA’s member benefits offer a broad range of discounts and savings programs that can save members more than they pay in dues.

The Manatee Education Association -- your professional union -- is Manatee County's advocate for teachers and paraprofessionals.  For many years we have stood together and spoken for quality education and for serving and protecting your best interests. 

Educators are entrusted with the care and nurturing of our county's most precious resource:  CHILDREN.  Our lives are dedicated to the future of children and to the future of our community, our state and nation.

MEA brings together teachers and paras so that our voices can be heard and respected.  As a member of MEA you support the only organization dedicated to representing your interests at the local (School Board), state (Legislature) and national (Congress) levels.

Thank you for your involvement and your choice to stand with your colleagues in Manatee County, Florida and throughout America.