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Sick Leave Bank


            If you have questions regarding the Sick Leave Bank (whether you are a current member, how to join the Bank, how to apply for days, how to resign from the Bank, or any general question or request for information) please call the MEA office (747-5091). 

            The Manatee Education Association negotiated this benefit with the School Board on your behalf and we are able to answer any questions regarding Sick Leave Bank contract issues.

How to Enroll in the Bank

The 2021-2022 enrollment period is October 4 – 18, 2022.  

ALL TEACHERS AND PARAPROFESSIONALS are allowed to join the Sick Leave Bank based upon the eligibility criteria. Open enrollment for the Sick Leave Bank is held once a year for a two-week period, usually in October.  An information sheet and application to join will be sent to all school district worksites.  Completed applications must be returned to the MEA office.  If you have any questions regarding membership, please call the MEA office at 747-5091.

If you are currently a member of the Sick Leave Bank, you are not required to complete a new application.

NOTE: There is a separate bank for all other, non-instructional, employees administered through Risk Management (708-8770, Ext. 2059).


            A recontribution of one day is due from current Bank members when the number of days remaining in the Bank falls below twenty-five (25%) percent of the total number of participants in the Bank.

How to Apply for Days

1.   Once you have been approved as a member of the Bank, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent to you.  Keep this letter and a copy of these instructions in your own file in case the need ever arises.

2.   You must call the MEA office for a Sick Leave Bank Request for Sick Leave Bank Days form.  Your request must be submitted on the proper form along with your physician's reason for your needing to be absent and the expected time of your return.  These papers should be completed and returned to the MEA office before the first day of absence (unless an emergency has occurred).

3.   You must be absent thirty (30) consecutive workdays, ten (10) of which shall be without sick leave (these days will be repaid to you once the application has been approved and all requirements met).

4.   Any surgery should be scheduled during non-work periods if possible (except in cases of emergency).

5.   The Medical Target Data Guide, from International Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. is used as a guide to determine the days needed for any particular illness or injury.

6.   It is understood the Sick Leave Bank is used by those whose illness or injury is defined as "VERY SERIOUS."

7.   Your request must be approved by the Sick Leave Bank committee (comprised of five teachers and one paraprofessional).

8.   You will be notified shortly after the Sick Leave Bank Committee makes a decision on your application.  Except in cases of emergency, the committee meets once a month during the school year.

9.   Once you have joined the Bank as a new member, you are eligible to make application for withdrawal of days from the Bank for illness or injury arising on or after January 1st following your enrollment.

Eligibility Criteria

     1.   You must be employed by the County for one (1) year.  

     2.    You must have six (6) days of accumulated sick leave.

     3.    You must contribute one (1) sick leave day upon joining.

If you are stricken with a serious illness or accident and are a member of the Sick Leave Bank, you could draw up to one hundred (100) days of paid sick leave after you have exhausted your own available days.  Just as important, by being a member your contribution provides an economic safety net to any teacher or paraprofessional who needs to utilize the Bank.  It is within your power, and that of your colleagues, to provide such a benefit that could save you or another member from financial ruin.